Ethics and Religion

Cryonics is strongly consistent with the pro-life views of Christianity and other religions that value the sanctity of human life. But the fact of the matter is that cryonics has very little to do with religion at all, the same way that modern life-saving medicines do not. Cryonics is a technology to help keep people alive. Cryonics is NOT about bringing the dead back to life or performing miracles. CPR and Defibrillators can bring accident and heart attack victims back from the dead daily, and so we believe cryopreservation is no different. They are both medical efforts to extend and save lives. The sole and ultimate goal is life extension for patients, a concept that is more medicinal than religious.

That being said, religion is constantly adapting to the modern world. New research and practices, such as the study of the solar system, transplant surgery, birth control and more, have been accumulated into modern religion and recognized by the religious community. As times change, so does acceptance, and we believe that cryonics beliefs and procedures are groundbreaking in terms of saving and extending lives, so viable support from the religious community will hopefully follow.