WhY CHOOSE Cryonics?

Cryonics is based on the belief that technology will advance. Looking at history, the human race is evidenced to keep pushing forward in an effort of breaking technological barriers. People today live longer, healthier lives than those of their parents, and those of their grandparents. Based on the belief that advancements will be made in the medical field, the hope of one day unfreezing the cryogenic patients and restoring them to good health and youth is a sound outlook.

Cryobiologists are hopeful that nanotechnology will make revival possible someday. Nanotechnology can use microscopic machines to manipulate single atoms to build or repair virtually anything, including human cells and tissues. Our hope is that nanotechnology will repair not only the cellular damage caused by the freezing process, but also the damage caused by aging and disease. It is an alternative to burial and cremation, both of which have no chance of revival. Cryonics has a reasonable chance.

Choosing cryonics means choosing the hope of an alternative to death, and the hope of one day getting a chance at a longer, healthier life.