Our Goal

Osiris was built for the sole purpose of providing the community the possibility of extending their lives through cryopreservation. It is imperative that the person be frozen as quickly as possible after death to delay any body decay. For this reason, Osiris provides US residents with a close, professional facility for cryogenic preservation. We aim to provide the most advanced medical technologies and cryopreservation methods in order to ensure the highest chances of success.

We firmly believe in the validity of cryopreservation and hope to expand the community’s knowledge of it while providing them the opportunity to be cryopreserved themselves. We aim to facilitate people’s realistic expectations of a better tomorrow with superior medicinal technologies that would cure things we can only dream of.

We recognize the responsibility in our hands to both care for our patients and to revive them when it becomes scientifically possible. It is our mission to do so in the highest regard and finest care.

In short, we aim to offer the best available cryonics services to the public at an affordable cost.