People often falsely think cryonics is a luxury only for the wealthy, upper class when, in reality, most cryonics patients are middle class and pay for the procedure through a life insurance policy.

The price for membership at Osiris is $29,990 (Includes pet preservation). This can be paid in three ways: out of pocket through a flexible payment plan, through life insurance, or through a lien on a real estate in the amount of $29,990.

We ensure the best possible cryopreservation for our patients by indefinitely preserving them for however long is needed until future medicinal technologies are capable of reviving them.

The cost of cryonics through life insurance is no greater than that of drinking coffee daily or cable TV. Payments are flexible and can be discussed if you have financial difficulty. There will not be ANY additional fees (monthly or annually) added to this price pre or post mortem, guaranteed. Our goal at Osiris is to offer the best available cryonics services to US residents at an affordable cost.